When the fruit is high to Premium experience!

Who we are?

We are a young company, acquainted (family), but with deep roots in quality, requirement and dynamism. It´s portuguese, certainly. Moreover, it is from the rich soil of our country that we select and expire the best fruits for everyone, guaranteeing a unique taste and freshness experience.

We were born with the aim of marketing the raspberry produced by another group company: The BioAtlantic Fruits, located in Zambujeira do Mar, County of Odemira, offers unique conditions in Europe for fruit growing, thanks to its microclimate that allows year-round production, and the quality and plenty of its water. However, we want to continue to grow and we are betting on the marketing of varieties of fruit and establishing new partnerships.

What do we do?

Children of the deep land, sheltered by the treetops, collected from luxuriant shrubs, the fruits are our passion. A passion that motivates us in the obsessive quest for quality. Each fruit that reaches our consumer´s hands a unique sensory experience which confederate a flavour, fragrance, texture, and freshness.

For the ambitious goal to be achieved in its full, we work only with the best partners: portuguese growers certificates that share our vision. Every fruits we export are preserved at controlled temperatures, from harvest to distribution, guaranteeing its freshness even in the most distant markets.

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